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WSIB Approved Standard First Aid CPR C & AED $110

Our blended option allows participants to complete the first half of their training self-paced online with the remaining half completed in a single full-day in class. Online portion must be successfully completed prior to the scheduled in-class portion. 

What Sets Us Apart

Small class sizes ensure our participants are provided with the best learning experience possible. Not only are we cheaper than most of our competitors but we are available 24/7 as well at no additional cost. 

Upcoming Dates

Registration Required in Advance

October 13, 2022

Blended Standard First Aid CPR C & AED

8am - 3:30pm


Space Available

Monthly First Aid Kit Inspection & Re-Stocking Program $75

For only $75 per month a representative comes to your facility to conduct a complete inventory of your first aid kits and re-stock as required at no additional cost. We even check your AED and eye wash stations. Only items not covered are stretchers or first aid blankets which will be quoted out separately.